Worker Bees


Mr. France

Principal: The Big Enchilada

Ms. Markson

Assistant Principal and Master Flautist

Ms. Pedraza

Assistant Principal and Instant Pot Chef

Ms. Brooks

Assistant Principal and peach cobbler lover

Ms. Juarez

Office Manager: Maestro intérprete y bailarín de salsa


Mr. Bailey

Building Manager

Ms. Balliet

Special Education Facilitator

Ms. Percival

AP Secretary

Ms. Carroll

School Nurse

Ms. Dolson

Food Service Manager: Queen Hash Slinger

Mr. Evangelista

School Nurse

Ms. Johnson

Dean's Secretary: Keeping students behavin'

Ms. Johnson

Attendance: Keeping kids honest and in school

Ms. Matlock

First Aid Safety Assistant (FASA)

Ms. Rios

Office Secretary

Ms. Wilson

Registrar: Meeting all your registering needs (as long as you live in our zone)

The Written and Spoken Word

Ms. Acosta

ELA Teacher: ELL Focus and JLO's adopted daughter

Ms. Adkins

7th Grade Teacher: Lead Teacher

Mr. Barrios

Teacher of All Grades and Child Whisperer

Ms. Bengtsson

6th Grade Teacher

Mr. Carranceja

Teacher of All Grades

Mr. Corletto

7th Grade Teacher: SOT Member

Ms. Ewing

7th Grade Teacher

Ms. Freeman

Teacher: ELL Focus

Ms. Gardea

8th Grade Teacher

Ms. Hill

Teacher of All Grades

Ms. Johnson

Teacher of All Grades

Ms. Rau

6th Grade Teacher

Ms. Mills

8th Grade Teacher and Informer of FairyTales

Ms. Montero

Teacher of All Grades and Lead Teacher

Ms. Norton

7th Grade Teacher (Metaphors be with you!)

Ms. Ortega

6th Grade Teacher and SOT Member

Ms. Price

Teacher of All Grades

Ms. Rivera

8th Grade Teacher: 8th grade lead teacher

Ms. Rogers

ELA Teacher

Ms. Spahn

8th Grade Teacher who doesn't date apostrophes because they are possessive

Ms. Tippetts

6th Grade Teacher who thinks she is always write.

Ms. Viray

Teacher of All Grades

Numbers Department

Mr. Andrus

Teacher of All

Ms. Alaniz

8th Grade Teacher

Mr. Barrios

Teacher of All Grades (and still whispering)

Ms. Batton

6th Grade Teacher

Ms. Blea

Teacher of All Grades

Ms. Cash

8th Grade Teacher (She has problems) and 8th grade lead teacher

Ms. Criner

6th Grade Teacher

Ms. DeClue

Teacher of All Grades

Mr. Fields

8th Grade Teacher

Ms. Johnson

Teacher of All Grades

Ms. Lazukic

6th Grade Teacher: Department chair and 6th grade lead teacher who doesn't think that all math puns are horrible, only sum

Ms. Lee

8th Grade Teacher

Mr. Murphy

7th Grade Teacher

Mr. Noctor

7th Grade Teacher and Lead Teacher who thinks outside the quadrilateral

Ms. Price

Teacher of All Grades

Ms. Schaffner

7th Grade Teacher

Ms. Viray

Teacher of All Grades

Ms. Young

6th Grade Teacher

Scientific Department

Ms. Klassen

8th Grade Teacher who wanted to make a joke about sodium, but Na..

Ms. Lewis

8th Grade Teacher

Ms. Vargo

7th Grade Teacher

Mr. Moretto

6th grade teacher

Mr. Rejcek

7th Grade Teacher and Lead Teacher (makes horrible science puns, but only periodically)

Ms. Flores

6th Grade Teacher (Once she told a chemistry joke. There was no reaction.)

Historical, Social, and “Earthy Things” Department

Mr. Arenas

8th Grade Teacher Who Lives in the Past

Mr. Redash

7th Grade Teacher, Lead Teacher, and Expert Story Teller

Mr. Rosemond

7th Grade Teacher who General Lee doesn't find Civil War jokes funny

Ms. Rutherford

8th Grade Teacher (She reads the constitution for the articles)

Ms. Stovall

7th Grade Teacher

Mr. Whitaker

Wood Shop

Special Talents Department

Mr. Ackley

Music Teacher: Once told a joke about a fermata, but it took too long.

Ms. Anaya

P.E. Teacher and an Experienced Cheerleader

Mr. Benavides

Music Teacher: Mariachi Royalty and Heart of Education Award Winner

Ms. Clapp

Artistic Genius and Master Stitcher

Ms. Giancola

8th Grade Health: Teaching Kids To Cover Their Mouths When They Sneeze!

Mr. Gygax

P.E. Teacher

Mr. Hill

Technology Teacher and ECS Extraordinaire

Ms. Letourneau

Orchestra Teacher: Voted least to be high strung

Mr. Mitton

P.E. legend and Lead Teacher

Ms. Rodriguez

The Librarian. (Be nice to her as a book fell on her head. She can only blame her shelf.)

Mr. Scherr

Technology Teacher and Computer Cleaner Upper

Ms. 'Van Halen' Sital

Music Teacher: Guitarra. Her favorite mosturizer after playing guitars? Olay!

Ms. Stark

P.E. Teacher and Master Bread Maker

Mr. Valdez

Music Teacher: Trumpet (How do you get a trumpet to play p? Take the trumpet away!)

Mr. Douglas

Band Teacher: (How do you get percussionist off your porch? Pay him for the pizza.)

Ms. Walston

Dance Teacher: (Explaining the pointe of dancing)

Ms. Whitt

P.E. Teacher

Backbone Department

Ms. Banda

8th Grade Counselor

Ms. Barrios

6th Grade Counselor

Ms. Byrd (is the word)

Learning Strategist: Math and Lead Teacher

Ms. Edgin


Ms. Eberhart

Student Success SW: Dean's Office

Ms. Gardner

Strategist: ELA and Lead Teacher

Ms. Gomez (also answers to Liza and Lori)

Strategist: Social Studies/Science and Lead Teacher

Ms. Moore

Counselor - 7th grade

Ms. Trobiani

Community in Schools

Very Important People Department

Mr. Balliet


Ms. Bland

Resource Department

Mr. Canaday

Masterful Maintenance Man

Ms. Carleton

STAR Facilitator

Ms. Chatman

Master of security and cat herder

Ms. Hernandez


Mr. Hipolito


Mr. Kingston


Ms. Kingston


Ms. Lewis

IHS Facilitator

Ms. McCormick


Ms. McAnally

Resource Department

Ms. Moreland


Mr. Spencer

Campus Monitor

Ms. Walden


Ms. Williams

Speech Therapist who wishes she was a schwa because they're never stressed


Note that all staff members were socially distancing when these pictures were taken.  Warning: Staff members may look different than the pictures posted above in their Google Classrooms as many teachers may be wearing a facial mask, have not shaved or cut their hair, and are not wearing make up.

Tenga en cuenta que todos los miembros del personal se estaban distanciando socialmente cuando se tomaron estas fotografías. Advertencia: los miembros del personal pueden verse diferentes a las imágenes publicadas arriba en su aula de Google, ya que muchos maestros pueden usar una máscara facial, no se han afeitado ni cortado el cabello y no están usando maquillaje.